Current Projects

Team Mission:

In an age dominated by talks of climate change and ecological footprints, CU GeoData digs deep into the science of these issues. Our team focuses on designing, building and deploying instrumentation capable of recording a large variety of atmospheric, geologic, and hydrological data. With projects ranging from harmful algal bloom (HABs) detection to solar-powered soil monitoring to measuring the effects of air pollutants on Ithaca’s air quality, we aim to better understand crucial aspects of our environment and shared planet.

Current Projects:

Air | Suggested majors/skills: ECE, Atmospheric Science, Raspberry Pi, Mechatronics, Soldering, Circuits, high altitude balloonsballoon

Rock | Suggested majors/skills: ECE, circuits, Soil science, EAS, Geology, Natural Resources, GIS, Materials Science, Civil engineering, Physics, Environmental Engineering, laboratory experience

Water | Suggested majors/skills: Coding, Information Science, GIS, R code, Python, Data analysis, Statistics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Satellite-based remote sensing, ECE, Arduino, Circuits, Hydrology, Chemistry, Sensors, Environmental Engineering, Natural Resources, Internet of Things