About Us

CU GeoData is a new student-run project team at Cornell which designs, builds, and deploys instrumentation capable of recording a large variety of atmospheric, geologic, and hydrologic data. We plan to partner with a number of different organizations, both private and government, to provide accurate data and environmental assessment. Currently, we plan to improve harmful algal bloom monitoring in Cayuga Lake and deploy unique payloads on atmospheric weather balloons. CU GeoData allows students from a diverse set of majors and programs to make important contributions to data collection and scientific understanding.


Professor David Hysell – Lead, Air and Tech Advisor

Professor Lou Derry – Rock and Water Advisor

Professor Patrick Fulton – Rock and Water Advisor

Professor Karin Olson Hoal – Rock Advisor

Professor Toby Ault – Air Advisor

Professor Rowena Lohman 

Team Structure

Our team consists of the team leads and the subteams. Our projects are cross-disciplinary over the subteams, and each team focuses on the appropriate section of that project. For example, Water and Rock Team are working together on algal bloom monitoring in Cayuga Lake.